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Choosing a Rock Climbing Guide Service

Rock climbing guide services, much like a person, have their own beliefs, culture and even their own personality.  Within any given climbing guide service each guide tends to have certain area of strength and their own personality they bring to a given day of guided rock climbing.  Every climbing guide and guide service is not the same, so what do you look for and how do you choose the right service for yourself, your family or your group?

Regardless of what type of guide you are looking for you always need to hire a credible climbing company.  A rock climbing guide service’s credibility can be measured in a variety of ways, AMGA certifications, First Aid Certifications, years in business, years their guides have been climbing, reviews, and the list

rock climbing nc, guided rock climbing nc, rock climbing guide service, nc rock climbinggoes on.  At the end of the day you want to feel confident that your guide is competent and not just a fly by night company.  For NC guided rock climbing guide services you need insurance, special use permits from Pisgah Forest and other operating areas, and those two things require certain credentials form the company and their employees.

Next, think about what your rock climbing goals are.  There are companies and guides who are great with families, camp or church groups, but not as strong on the instruction side of rock climbing guiding. Other companies offer AMGA courses or instructional/educational courses they have designed to teach lead climbing, multi-pitch climbing, climbing anchor construction, movement over rock, and more.  Some rock climbing guide services are great with individual and private clients and not as strong in group management and getting everyone involved.

As someone looking for a climbing guide, these are all things to keep in mind. You can find out a lot about rock climbing guide services by looking at their websites, reading reviews on google places and Yelp, local gear shops, and asking around the area you are looking to hire a guide in.  In the NC guided rock climbing world for example, a lot of locals and business owners have experience and knowledge about the local rock climbing guides and have some idea of their strengths, weaknesses and employees.

So next time you’re ready to hire a rock climbing guide, remember it’s your day, and find a rock climbing guide service that will help you make the most of out of your experience.

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  1. fapvid

    Rineer adds that getting an experienced guide who knows how to instruct children is key and top roping is the best way to introduce a kid (or adult) to the sport. Once you get them on the rock, keep them one rope length from the ground and everything should be kosher. Here are a couple of kid friendly crags worth checking out.

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