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Big News at BRG

After nearly ten years of thoroughly enjoyable and fulfilling ownership, we have decided it is time to pass the Brevard Rock Gym torch on to someone who can bring fresh ideas and energy while carrying on the BRG legacy of providing unrivaled indoor climbing opportunities to youth and adults alike. We are extremely excited to formally announce that this individual is BRG’s very own Nick Accardo!

Many of you know Nick as he has worked closely with us for the past five years as BRG’s manager, a program facilitator, a setter, and as a coach. We can think of no better person to whom we could entrust the future of Brevard Rock Gym. This transition will happen at the end of March, and it will feel seamless as Nick is such an embedded part of your BRG experiences already. Our hope is that everyone will welcome Nick with open arms and support him in his journey as the incredible gym owner we know he will be. 

Needless to say, we are full of so many emotions right now. While we are sad about coming to terms with the end of our BRG era, we are so incredibly excited for what the future holds for BRG. We have absolutely loved our decade of ownership of Brevard Rock Gym. And most importantly, we value and cherish the special connections we have made with so many wonderful families here in this close-knit community. We want to say a huge “THANK YOU!” for your continued support over the years. We are so grateful for all of you. We will certainly miss seeing everyone here at the gym, but we will still be around our awesome little town. We look forward to warm hugs and confident fist bumps as we see you out and about. And we hope to continue hearing from you all about your amazing climbing adventures!

So what’s next for us?

In addition to some much-needed family time together and traveling, we plan to establish a non-profit that will help make indoor climbing more accessible with a focus on youth programming (scholarships for teams, enriching programs for organizations like the Boys & Girls Club and Rise & Shine, etc.) as well as therapeutic programs like the ones we currently deliver at BRG. We plan to travel the country in our little camper promoting the amazing benefits of our philosophy and approach to these climbing programs, and we will be writing grants to help BRG and similar gyms all over the country provide climbing programs for kids of diverse backgrounds. 

Stay tuned…more on that at a later time! 

We are so excited for the incredible trajectory ahead for BRG and our community. Take good care, and see you all soon,

Rachael and Cameron Austin

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