Training Part 1: Motivation and Goals

This is the beginning of a series of articles I will be doing on training. I will speak to climbing training specifically, though as you may already know, or hopefully keep at it long enough to find out, climbing is simply a metaphor for so much more.

To lead into this initally I give you quote that I often use when speaking with groups on motivation: “Remember what you want most, not what you want now.” Right now you may just want to watch tv, take a nap or eat at McDonald’s. However, as many of us know, on Saturday when you get to the crag you will be wishing you trained during the week rather than taking a nap and eating at McDonald’s.  So then how do we motivate to train…

Number 2 on Mark Twight’s Training Philosophy is “Train with an objective.”  ( If you are wondering why it is so hard to get off the couch, put your shoes on and get out the door, ask yourself what you are training for? This is goal setting 101. The classic reference for everyone trying to motivate anyone is the study done on the Yale Class of 1953. In 1953, 3% of the class had written down specific goals, 20 years later that 3% had acquired more personal financial wealth than the other 97% COMBINED! (

Step 1 to training, figure out what you want and write it down. You may train trip to trip, it may be the end goal of climbing a certain grade, whatever it is WRITE IT DOWN.

Step 2 to staying/getting motivated is breaking down the steps to get to your goals. An acronym I have always found helpful is S.M.A.R.T. Specific Measurable Attainable Realistic Timely.

The crux here is how you define “Attainable and Realistic!” Because, if you don’t believe it is possible then you have some head work ahead. A good friend of mine once told me, “your body is far more capable than your mind will ever allow you to believe.” Mental training is another beast that is unavoidable if you really want to attain your goals and work towards your full potential. Number 1 on Mark Twight’s Training Philosphy, “The Mind is Primary.” We will dive into mental training more later.

Training philos0phy’s beyond this point will vary ALOT! I will attempt to touch on a few different approaches over time and share with you what I have found personal gains from. The reality of what you will find, or potentially already know, is that your goals will in large part determine you training program.

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